Website and Marketing Technology Services

The only team you need to manage your technology.

We have been working with clients all across the world, helping them get the most out of their WordPress websites. We take care of all areas including design, development, speed optimization, content updates and so much more!

We are passionate about helping our clients grow their businesses. When you hire us, you get an "on-demand" workforce available at your disposal, for all of your WordPress website needs.

With over 10+ years of experience in WordPress behind us, we make sure our clients get complete satisfaction and all of our work is completed to a very high standard.

Creating/Editing Pages

We take care of the design and development of your website pages. Whether it is for a new page or to give an existing page a "makeover", we've got you covered!

Site Optimization

Don't settle for a slow loading website. By having us in your back pocket, we make sure your website is a well-oiled machine that's optimized for faster loading times!

Technical Support

True Story: Some of our clients call us fire fighters. This is due to us being there to put out the fires on their websites and being available when something urgent comes up.

Website Managemant & Updates

Nothing should ever be outdated on your website. Simply because it leaves your website vulnerable. With us on your side, you never have to worry about that as we make sure you are running the latest releases on your WordPress site.

Why Work With Us?

On the right are just a few reasons how we help our clients grow using our services. Click or Tap on each of them to read more.

A common mistake small and medium sized businesses make, is when they grow they still try and handle all of the technology by themselves. This limits the amount of time you could be spending on the front end (production) side of your business and serving more clients.

By letting us take care of your WordPress website, we takeover and manage your website without you having to be in the “nitty gritty” allowing you to spend more time aquiring new business!

Experience is key when it comes to making sure your website is kept up to date, using the best plugins and ensuring your website is as best as it can be.

Many other companies may use unlicensed or free plugins/themes which are not well supported. The issue with this is, when it comes to making sure your site is kept up to date you may run into problems such as plugins not being compatible with the latest versions of WordPress.

When you work with us, you can be sure that we have a toolbox of plugins we prefer to use. They are premium plugins that we always have paid licences for and are well supported with big communities behind them.

We love being proactive, it’s one of the ways we help our clients the most. 

Why? Because many WordPress Website owners will not know if there is something that could be better. We like to make sure if we see something that can be improved, we will always bring it to your attention along with options of how we can tackle it head on!

This is different to many other companies who rather than be proactive, they complete the task at hand and that is it. That is not us!

We want your business to sky rocket and to do that we want to hear your input as well as giving you our suggestions. That is why we introduced monthly calls with our clients.

Each month you will be able to have a strategy session with your account specialist who will go through your current website as it is and give you any suggestions on how we can improve the experience for your customers. At the same time you will be able give any feedback you have.

Just our way of making sure you get the absolute best value possible for your growing business.

Different Ways To Work With Us!

On Demand

The way this works is simple. When you have something you need help with or would like us to take care of for you, you simply send us a message and we will confirm the time it will take to complete and the cost.

Managed For You

With this service, not only do you get to send us any requests on-demand, we also have monthly check-in calls with you and manage your website behind the scenes ensuring it is always secure, up to date and optimized.

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